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DEFSEC Atlantic 2017

Sep 15, 2017

A week has passed since Kognitiv Spark capped off a 2nd annual visit to DEFSEC Atlantic in Halifax. While we attended the exhibition last year mainly to gauge industrial interest and possibilities for Augmented Reality, this time around we had more of a focus in working to build excitement and sign up companies for the RemoteSpark Alpha program.

Here’s a bit of a summary on the events we took part in at DEFSEC:

CARIC Innovation Connector

This event put on by CARIC (Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada) Atlantic is an awesome gathering of SMEs, large industrial companies, and university/college research transfer officers. I won’t hesitate to say it’s easily one of the top events of its kind in Atlantic Canada – and by all accounts from some of the folks we met from bigger companies in attendance – is as good as anything like it anywhere across the country. Yan presented RemoteSpark to the 130+ people in attendance, and made a lasting impression for Kognitiv Spark on every one of them; many of whom didn’t know our company beforehand but certainly do now.

Kognitiv Spark CEO, Yan Simard, presents at the CARIC Innovation Connector at DEFSEC 2017

New Brunswick reception

ONB (Opportunities New Brunswick) seems to have a handle on how to provide a truly Maritime atmosphere at this event. By that I mean it showcases what many of us call Maritime hospitality – it’s an incredibly light hearted and welcoming reception, and it offers a chance to network with companies, various government representatives, and university staff and faculty from around the region and from afar over a few drinks. This reception really is understated in the way it caps off the first day of DEFSEC in a fun and friendly way.


Over the two days of the trade show portion of DEFSEC, we got the chance to exhibit at the ACADA (Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association) booth, which allowed us to give numerous demos of RemoteSpark and some simpler augmented reality demos. We left the show feeling excited about the connections we made, and immensely pleased with the ACADA team and fellow association members who welcomed us and supported us at every turn throughout the weekend. It’s nice to be part of such a great group of proud Atlantic Canadians!

Yan set up at the ACADA booth at DEFSEC 2017

Wrap up

While some trade shows/conventions/exhibitions leave you feeling drained and folks can’t wait to leave, DEFSEC has such a great energy to it that this isn’t the case. It’s clear the team in charge of organizing this event really puts the time in all year round to make it such a success. The Kognitiv Spark team is already looking forward to returning next year, and until then we’ll be waiting to meet again soon with all the great folks we met through CARIC, ONB, ACADA, and elsewhere throughout the three days of DEFSEC 2017.

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Written by
Devin Patterson