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See how Kognitiv Spark can enhance your operations
with state of the art Mixed Reality solutions.

Unlock your mind’s full potential
with mixed reality visualization

Kognitiv Spark’s Mixed Reality applications and systems bring holograms to life right before your eyes, allowing you to stay connected with the world around you while you interact with digital content like never before. Go beyond the screen and see the cyber sphere as if it were part of your world.

Our revolutionary industrial support system, RemoteSpark , is designed to help empower your workforce with un-paralleled connectivity to expert advice. This hands-free, fully un-tethered system allows technicians and operators to connect with engineers and experts remotely to help guide them through equipment repair and task execution.

As an industrial focused Mixed Reality developer, Kognitiv Spark is changing the way organizations perform day to day tasks. Realize the promise of Mixed Reality with solutions that maximize efficiencies, simplify decision making, and reduce travel for maintenance professionals to remote job sites.

Visualize and interact with programmable holographic interfaces, from models of machinery and equipment, to job site maps and geological survey models, to data-sets and task instruction modules. Kognitiv Spark has the experience and technical pedigree in development of Mixed Reality solutions that maximize efficiency, cognitive involvement, and interactivity.

Products & Services


Discover true interactivity between support centres and your skilled workforce on the shop floor or any remote site. RemoteSpark™ brings expert support from any location to your operators for equipment support and execution of critical tasks.

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EVALUATING how mixed reality can work for your organization

Discover the impact of Mixed Reality on your organization. Our JumpSpark service is designed to help identify and create a demonstration pertinent to your organization for you to introduce Mixed Reality to your stakeholders and skilled workforce.

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