Mixed Reality

See how Mixed Reality can work for your organization with our JumpSpark™ program.

Work with Kognitiv Spark to unlock the power of Mixed Reality

JumpSpark is a rapidly deployable program to help your organization get started with Mixed Reality using the Microsoft HoloLens and explore its relevant use cases for your organization, creating an easy access, low risk pathway to assess the unique capabilities of this ground breaking technology.

Kognitiv Spark will conduct a technical needs analysis and then build an interactive holographic demonstration application pertinent to your organization, load it on your HoloLens, and train personnel at your organization to be able to utilize and deliver the demo to other stakeholders in your organization.

Discover use cases and Mixed Reality solutions for your organization. Our JumpSpark program is designed to help identify and create a demonstration pertinent to your organization for you to introduce Mixed Reality to your stakeholders and skilled workforce.

how can mixed reality work for you

Let our software engineers and technical experts identify use cases for Mixed Reality in your organization.

tailored demonstration application

We'll construct a demo that shows you the efficiency prospects and enhancement possibilities of Mixed Reality.

how we can improve your experience

Let us know what more we can do to improve your experience with Mixed Reality. Together we can unlock your potential.