Bring expert advice to your workers on any jobsite or locale with RemoteSpark™

An evolution of how organizations share expertise
for critical task execution

RemoteSpark represents a whole new world of connectivity that blends video conferencing, document and hologram sharing, and annotation capabilities in one application.

Reduce downtime and ensure mission critical equipment is back online when you need it. Empower your company generalists to fix machinery that otherwise requires an expert from elsewhere in the world to fly in just to repair it. Save time and resources spent on downtime, maintenance delays and unexpected outages.

RemoteSpark gives technicians with HoloLens the ability to connect to experts who can direct them through unfamiliar tasks like equipment repair, site evaluation, or medical examination.

Using Kognitiv Spark’s Remote Holographic Ink (RHI) technology for a HoloLens or Windows 10 tablets/PC, experts and collaborators can even draw and highlight directly in the field of view of the operator to point them at specific waypoints or areas of importance.

Discover true interactivity between support centres and your skilled workforce on the shop floor or any remote site. RemoteSpark brings expert support from any location to your operators for equipment support and execution of critical tasks.

RemoteSpark Agent
Assistance from Windows 10 devices

Experts using Windows 10 tablets or PCs can guide technicians equipped with HoloLens through task execution. Our Agent software seemlessly connects these 2D devices with the HoloLens in 3D, making for a unique cross-dimensional shared experience.

Video and Audio Sharing
Conference between experts and technicians

Stay linked together with audio and video connectivity on RemoteSpark. Usable in low bandwith connected regions, so your team can stay connected to get the job done in almost any location.

Focus techs & operators on the right point

A HoloLens wearer can capture photos to send to their guide or expert. Assistance can then be provided by annotation and drawing to point the technician to information or way points captured in the photo. The expert receives immediate confirmation that the info is assimilated.