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Alex Kipman: Mixed Reality in 24-36 months

May 26, 2017

(Image: Microsoft)

Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow at Microsoft and creator of HoloLens, gave a keynote speech this week to de:code 2017 in Tokyo on the current state of Mixed Reality, and Microsoft’s outlook for the next 24-36 months of development for MR.

His sketch presentation at the end of the talk describes a future where all kinds of devices (with PCs, consoles, VR devices, HoloLens) can share in an immersive, collaborative experience. Imagine the possibilities!

Image: screen capture, Alex Kipman at de:code 2017 via ExpoVista TV

If you don’t get excited by the vision he presents for the future of Mixed Reality, then you’re missing the part of the brain that dreams of an interactive digital future.

See the video of his talk on YouTube here.

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Written by
Devin Patterson