Discover how our industrial augmented reality solution is being used across industries to increase productivity, safety, situational awareness and to empower field workers and technicians to achieve a new level of autonomy and operational efficiency. Make every minute count while you help your workforce achieve their greatest potential. Here’s how it’s being used in industries like yours.


In high-stakes industries like aerospace and defence, there’s no room for error. Discover how RemoteSpark is increasing operational efficiency and improving first-time repair rates.

  • Facilitate knowledge transfer by training workers while they do the task.
  • Through a secure communication link with a system expert, and supporting 3D content, improve repair accuracy and worker efficiency.
  • Keep your technicians’ hands-free and focused on the task. By augmenting situational awareness, RemoteSpark increases speed of repair and worker safety.


Empower field service workers and technicians offshore, on land, and in the plant to complete any task as safely and accurately as possible. No matter where your workers are, no matter what their level of expertise, they can perform repairs and maintenance like experts.

  • Low bandwidth requirements allow for a secure, stable connection regardless of where your team is performing technical tasks.
  • Complete the task correctly, on the first attempt. Shared video and audio, between experts and field service workers, allows for increased certainty task comprehension and completion.
  • Train your field workers while they do a task. Increase knowledge transfer through remote, one-on-one interactions and guidance.


In industrial engineering and manufacturing, every minute counts. RemoteSpark helps industrial engineering and manufacturing organizations improve repairs, maintenance, and inspections with enhanced remote support.

  • Minimize expert travel by offering remote assistance to your field workers and your client’s technicians.
  • Close the knowledge gap by training technicians on a task while the do it.
  • Your engineers and your clients’ technicians can perform repairs and maintenance with increased accuracy, efficiency, and with unprecedented certainty of completion.


Reduce machine and equipment downtime while increasing task completion accuracy by 90%. Workers can perform maintenance and repair like experts and benefit from IoT integrated 3D digital twins.
Connect field workers to subject-matter experts for task guidance though real-time audio and shared video in a see-what-I-see scenario. Experts can enhance comprehension with drag-and-drop 3D support files, field of view annotations, and task-relevant holograms.
Train workers on a task while they do it. 3D content in industrial augmented reality can improve learning retention by 75%. Animated holograms and access to expert guided calls can walk technicians through complex scenarios, step by step.
Increase the speed and accuracy of inspections by eliminating the back and forth switch between the physical machine or equipment and physical documentation. Compare physical machines to 3D digital twins in the user's field of view. Alternatively, inspections can be performed remotely, saving the need for expert travel.
Replace hand-held manuals with easy to understand holographic AR content in the worker’s field of view, improving task performance times by 34%. Animated holograms of unique machines, systems or equipment deliver step-by-step instructions.
Connect field damage and risk assessment field teams with expert guidance through shared and secure audio and video. Accurately assess damage, repair requirements, and risk without having to send subject or machine experts outside of your command centre, all while prioritizing worker safety.

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