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The Customer Roadshow Begins

Nov 8, 2017

The travelling mixed reality rodeo of fall 2017

Kognitiv Spark on tour

Hotels, long flights or miles of highway driving, eating only restaurant food and living out of a suitcase. Most of us know that feeling of life on the road.

Almost as if we’re bands touring the continent in a race to showcase our music to the masses at festivals, arenas or clubs; companies like Kognitiv Spark hit the road to demo products to the masses at trade shows, conferences or at customer offices.

Now there’s not quite the mass of screaming fans that artists get at gigs, but RemoteSpark manages to wow people in such a way that we feel the same kind of love about what we produce.

To get those reactions though, we’ve got to put the time in on the road.

In between time spent working on the development of RemoteSpark, Kognitiv Spark CTO Ryan Groom is visiting Ottawa this week, and made separate trips to Vancouver and Calgary in October. Since the start of September, other team members have made trips to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Spain, Boston, Halifax, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and all around New Brunswick.

It’s been a whirlwind adventure so far but the tour is just beginning. We’re ready to make RemoteSpark the next big thing for industrial equipment operators, and that means getting a HoloLens with RemoteSpark on the heads of potential users everywhere possible.

We’ve been lucky so far to have had support from Microsoft that’s allowed us to present RemoteSpark and our vision for industrial mixed reality to some incredible organizations across the country.

A t-shirt with dates from Kognitiv Spark's travels in the fall of 2017

What’s next

What’s next you might ask?

We’ll be at I/ITSEC in Orlando at the end of November/early December. Suffice to say, there’s been no complaints from the delegation headed for sunny Florida just when the cold begins here at home.

Be sure to follow along on our continued adventures by checking in here on the Kognitiv Spark blog, on Twitter, and our LinkedIn page.

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Written by
Devin Patterson