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RemoteSpark Intro Video

Apr 13, 2018

Our new video demonstrates the power of RemoteSpark


Complex equipment that requires timely support during outages, from experts-based thousands of miles away. This scenario is all too familiar for many organizations and one which our new video demonstrates can be better solved for the team at Canada’s largest geotechnical centrifuge, with RemoteSpark.

Using RemoteSpark, engineers at the centrifuge can connect with experts based around the world through a secure, live holographic video call for support when equipment outages or issues arise.

RemoteSpark enables experts to capture images from the engineer’s HoloLens which can then be augmented with instructional annotations; share realistic 3D holograms to assist the engineers in visualizing and understanding the equipment they’re working with; and add annotations to the real world with Remote Ink.

After the session is complete, the annotated images and holograms are stored in the cloud and can be archived or used for reference during later sessions.

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Written by
Devin Patterson