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The Surface Hub has landed

Dec 11, 2017

Just in time for Christmas (and before the snow) a Surface Hub arrives at Kognitiv Spark HQ!

We received an exciting delivery on Friday – an 84-inch Microsoft Surface Hub, courtesy of our friends at Microsoft Canada. This will be a welcome team member in our office for the next few months as we finalize our port of Remote Spark to take advantage of the collaboration features offered by the Surface Hub.

Surface Hub is an incredibly powerful teamwork tool which we see as an optimal platform to enable RemoteSpark users to provide situation-specific operational oversight and management. This will enable Kognitiv Spark to provide enterprise customers a vital command and collaboration tool.

RemoteSpark on the Surface Hub will allow command and control centres to view and manage their field operators who are connected through RemoteSpark on HoloLens or PC. With IoT data feeds and the audio/video feeds shown from each HoloLens unit, the command teams can see and respond to developments in real time.

RemoteSpark on Surface Hub will be ideal application for response teams across a variety of sectors. We can’t wait to share this exciting development with you in the coming weeks and months!

(Check out some photos of the newest addition to the Kognitiv Spark team below!)

PS: Thanks Dave!

Ryan excited to see the Surface Hub arrived safely!

A box fit for a CTO

Moving the Surface Hub around our office’s exterior

Carefully moving it in the door

Making sure there’s enough room

Some of the Kognitiv Spark team with the Surface Hub

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Written by
Devin Patterson