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Yan Simard's next mountain: Kognitiv Spark

Jul 17, 2017

Kognitiv Spark welcomes Yan Simard as the company's first CEO

Yan Simard isn’t the kind of person who shies away from scaling a mountain of any height, or any type of rock-face. He’s the type who looks to the top and pushes forward, even if he has to make his own way there.

“They say the start-up world often goes through ups and downs like a mountain range. Well for me as a former climber, I’d have to say that mountains are what make life exciting. There’s no better rush than when you’re only feet away from the peak,” said Simard.

With his vision and sense of adventure at the forefront, Kognitiv Spark is proud to welcome Yan Simard aboard as the company’s first CEO.

“It’s only a matter of time before Kognitiv Spark is going to reach a huge peak, and many more after it. This group is in the right space at the right time – Mixed Reality is going to transform the world of work and Kognitiv Spark is going to lead that change. I couldn’t be any more excited to be a part of this group of innovators and change makers.”

Kognitiv Spark co-founder Ryan Groom said he couldn’t be happier to bring Mr. Simard on board. “Yan and I have adventured, climbed and worked together for years, it’s only fitting he’s on board for this journey. With him on our team we can really get our noses to the grindstone and take KSpark to new heights.”

Ryan Groom (2nd from left) and Yan Simard (2nd from right) together at the peak of Mount Katahdin in 2013.


About Yan

Yan is a senior IT professional, entrepreneur and investor, with a diverse and successful work experience.  He has designed and led many innovative business ventures through his own start-ups or for others. He also has extensive professional experience with companies such as CGI, Zaptap, Vision Coaching, AIS, Incite Wellness, Bell Canada, Industrial Alliance, NBCC, Gameloft and Irving Oil.

Yan has been at the forefront of the development and support of some of Canada’s busiest and most commercially important customer web portals and managed complex projects using blended teams across multiple locations. He is a results-driven project management professional with a knack for getting things done.  He is a partner-centric leader that is motivated to succeed. He has a proven client relationship and portfolio management skills to complement his international IT and managerial experience. His tact and communication skills get the job done every time.

Yan graduated with an MBA – IT Management from Université Laval. He is the proud father of 4 children and calls Fredericton, NB home.

Written by
Devin Patterson