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Infographic: Industrial benefits to mixed reality and RemoteSpark trial launch in app store

Oct 1, 2018

Infographic: Industrial benefits to mixed reality and RemoteSpark launch in MS app store

The fourth industrial revolution involves a series of sophisticated new technologies, like blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence and robotics. Arguably, the most beneficial in the hands of a worker is augmented and mixed reality.

There are several augmented and mixed reality applications that can impact the bottom line in a big way with productivity and efficiency gains- from task support and troubleshooting, to inspections and maintenance, and even training and knowledge transfer.

With all the hype surrounding mass market uptake of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, it’s easy to forget the practical potential for enterprise solutions.

Mixed reality creates interaction between the digital and physical world. Sounds pretty cool, but it’s also incredibly effective when applied in industrial settings.

This technology can virtually eliminate written manuals, instead placing 3D content digitally in your field of view. Some of the most significant savings can be achieved when leveraging the technology as a communications tool – it brings the expert support directly to the field of work to truly deliver another dimension of collaboration. This eliminates travel for subject matter experts, reduces equipment downtime, and reduces errors and incidents. Regardless of location, remote workers and experts can connect and solve problems with improved accuracy and speed, using the entire intelligence of one or more organizations.

Mixed reality can even leverage existing Internet of Things (IoT) data to help workers visualize the data in real-time. Nowadays, we are so bombarded with enormous amounts of incoming data that what we truly need is tech that can deliver the right data, at the right time, and in ameaningful way.

This is done by creating holographic digital twins for a given piece of equipment, machinery, or even an entire plant. Workers can see live sensor data (like temperature and pressure), monitor trends, and receive live feedback in real-time.  The integration of analytics and real-time feedback truly makes every second count, which is the core objective of the manufacturing industry.

Trial Launch

When it comes to our own solution…we’ve got some big news for RemoteSpark!

As of today, RemoteSpark is now available to the public for download in the Microsoft store. The trial version of the app is free to download, so you can try some of the key base features. If you’ve been checking us out, this is a great opportunity to get take a risk-free tour! Take the time that you need to explore how it can help improve your own operational productivity.

We soft launched version 1.0 to some select clients a few weeks back.  After some performance enhancing updates and patches, we’re now ready to show the industrial world our trial version.

The trial is designed for users to test some of the basic features that are foundational to RemoteSpark communications platform. This includes the live voice and video calls, a pre-loaded library of interactive holograms, and the ability to take pics and markup, among a few more.

You’ll need a HoloLens to give it a try, but if you don’t already have one Microsoft has a great new rental program that lets you take one for a test drive. If you like what you see, you can upgrade at any time to benefit from 3D interactive holograms with drag and drop conversion and IoT data integration.

We hope you download the trial and let us know what you think! Reach out to us using our contact info on the site, or through your rep or any of our social channels. Your feedback is really important to us.


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