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Business Insider: Augmented reality will become a $50 billion business in 5 years, analysts say

Mar 24, 2017

Author: Jeff Dunn
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2017

Plenty in tech are convinced augmented reality is What Comes Next after smartphones. We know Microsoft and Magic Leap are working on headsets that transplant computer images into the real world, and it’s strongly suspected that other giants like Facebook and Apple are doing something similar.

Meanwhile, the likes of Snapchat and “Pokemon Go” have put a basic-yet-friendly face on the tech, and startups like Doppler Labs have worked similar reality-bending concepts into headphones. This is the thing everyone is betting on, even as the failure of Google Glass lingers.

This chart from Statista only reinforces those expectations. In a recent forecast, analyst firm IDC predicted that AR headsets will make nearly $50 billion in revenue by 2021, with unit sales increasing to more than 27 million. Much of that cash is expected to come because the headsets will cost “well over $1,000,” according to IDC, which thinks the tech will take off in workplaces before settling in as consumer products.

COTD_3.22 AR vs VR salesBusiness Insider/Mike Nudelman/Statista

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